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You can purchase a lot of gold prospecting equipment online at Amazon, though if you don't feel comfortable buying things online, go to your local prospecting equipment stores. Having a physical idea of what your purchasing is always better than buying something online and hoping that you'll get what you pay for.

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Q: Where can you purchase gold prospecting equipment?
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Where can one purchase gold mining equipment?

If one is looking to purchase major gold mining equipment it can be found online at sites such as eBay and Mining Surplus. Many large equipment dealers carry this equipment as well. If one is looking to do some gold panning, one can purchase that equipment at stores such as Fred's Gold Panning & Mining Supplies or Gold Fever Prospecting.

What is gold fossicking?

Fossicking is an Australian and Cornish term for prospecting for precious metals or gems. Gold fossicking is prospecting for gold. There is a link below.

To search for gold?

The term for searching for gold is prospecting for gold.

Where can one purchase equipment for a gold prospecting business?

A good website is Pro-Mack Mining Supplies. They offer a reasonable service, with competitive prices. They have a wide variety of gear, but it can be good to use a phone book to search for a specialist store in your area, as you may get better deals.

What is another word associated with finding gold?


What is another word for gold panning?

Gold prospecting

How much gold is discovered in gold prospecting today?

It mainly depends where you are prospecting, experience and what tools you are using. If you use a sluicebox, you can move more material ( dirt, sand, etc.) through it in a days time than you can just using a Gold pan.Other tools like a gold dredge allow you to process even more material. Where you prospect also has a huge bearing on what you will find. If you are prospecting in an area known for Gold, you will probably come home with more than if you are in an area where none has been found before. Technique is another factor. If you have never been Panning or Gold prospecting before, I suggest you either study up, read articles online, watch video's and practice using ball bearings in dirt or take a trip out with a gold panning adventure company. There they will have all the equipment, take you to a Gold bearing area and instruct you on how to find Gold.

What is the best state to earn a living prospecting for gold?


What did people in 1849 look for in the mountains of California?

They were prospecting for gold.

What is a word for the act of searching for gold with 11 letters?


What has the author Forest John Swears Sur written?

Forest John Swears Sur has written: 'Placer gold mining & prospecting' -- subject- s -: Gold mines and mining, Prospecting, Gravel, Hydraulic mining

Prospecting Lists for purchase?

If you are looking for business sales prospecting, I would recommend Walkers Research ( They are very affordable and have great quality (