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Doesn't matter where you need parental consent.

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2010-11-05 09:51:50
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Q: Where can you get your navel pierced at the age of 15 in Cincinnati OH?
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Can navel piercing migation be down to growth What can happen if you get a navel piercing age 14 or 15?

Your question "Can navel piercing migration be down to growth" makes no sense.

Can you get your belly pierced at the age 14 with your parents consent?

no. you have to be at least 15 or they won't do it.

How old were bill and tom from tokio hotel when they got pierced?

Bill was 13 when he got his eye pierced and tom got his lip pierced also at the age of 13..bill got his tongue ring round about the age of 15

Is it legal to get your lip pierced at age 15?

It isn't illegal but if you are under the age of 18 then you must have a parent sign a contract of the piercings.

Can you get your lip pierced at 15 with parent permission in Indiana?

yeah I think you can get your lip pierced at 15 in Indiana

Does Emma Watson have her ears pierced?

Yes - She got them pierced when she was 15.

Can you get your belly button pierced in Ohio at age 15?

I'm pretty sure it is. My friend who got it done in January said it was.

How old do you have to be to get a body pierced?


How young is too young to get a nose pierced?

In MY opinion....15 is too young, 16 is the minimum age that i would recomend to get a piercing....

Should you get belly pierced again if it grew out?

Well that's up to you, if you liked it have it done by an experianced professional this time who can do the piercing so it will stay. Navel piercing done properly will last for years ( 5~15 ) and is not subject to growing out.

What age can you get your belly button pierced in South Carolina?

The South Carolina state law is that one must be 16 or older, to get their naval pierced. The reason for this is that any given person from 14-15 can still have a growth spurt and would damage the naval area if pierced.

Are you allowed to get your helix pierced at the age of 12?

if your parents say yes than you can. i got my lobes pierced when i was 7 and my helix done a few days ago and I'm 15. if your parents sign off on it you can at Clarie's

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