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One of the best places to find legal advice online is Expert Law. They have lawyers that answer and questions a person may have regarding credit card debt and what to do about it.

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Q: Where can you get legal advice on credit card debts?
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Where can one find a guide on how to turn bad credit in good credit card debts?

Information on turning bad credit into good credit card debts can be found on multiple credit advice websites. Some of the most well known include Experian, TheMoneyBroker and MoneySavingExpert.

Do you have to pay credit card debts if your name has changed?

Just because your name has changed doesn't mean that you don't have to pay credit card debts. They are still your debts to pay.

How does the consolidation of credit card debts work?

Credit card consolidation works by putting all the debts from your credit card into one debt. This makes it easier to keep track of your debts and can often give a lower interest rate than having different debts for different cards.

Where can someone get help with credit card debt repairs?

In the UK individual needing advice and help with credit card debts can contact the Debt Centre online with details of their problem. An advisor will then respond with help and advice re consolidation, freezing of interest or other methods of assistance.

Can you be held responsible for debts on an unsigned credit card that says not valid unless signed?

That phrase: "Not valid unless signed," is a credit card company requirement, NOT a legal requirement. Believe me, they will tkae you to court and make you prove that it is not your signature on the credit card slips.

What credit card companies offer cards to people with no credit history?

My advice is to talk to your banker. Someone with a bad debt credit card should not have another credit card until they have paid off any debts before they further it. Companies will give you prepaid debit cards for people in this situation.

Can credit card collect legal fees after death?

Yes, the estate of the deceased is responsible for all debts, including the collection of legal fees as allowed by judgment or law.

You need your dad to cosin for you to attine a credit card?

Before you worry about a credit card, I'd suggest you work on your English grammar and spelling. If you are not of legal age to be responsible for your debts, then yes, you WILL need a co-signer.

Where can I get advice on credit card debt solutions?

I am so in debt and I am worried about paying my credit cards. Where can I get advice on credit card debt solutions?

What are some causes of 0 credit card balance?

Having a credit card balance of zero on a credit card is a good thing. It means one has no debts to the credit card company, which also means that no additional interests will be charged. If one either has not used a credit card or has paid all open debts and interests, they would have a credit card balance of zero.

What if you have bad credit because of bills not credit card debts?

It is still bad credit history.

What is the credit score requirement for a Barclays credit card?

You must have both a good credit score (600 or more) and little or no debts, you may qualify for a Barclays credit card. There are different categories that allow you to qualify for a Barclays credit card, which can be helpful for people with high credit scores but low debts or people with average credit scores with low debt. Remember that you might be denied a credit card even if you have a high credit score, due to high debts.