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Colt offers history letters.

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Q: Where can you get information online as to the history of a 25 cal Colt automatic pistol?
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What is the history of the La Fury pocket model automatic pistol?

German made.

How old is a Bretta Automatic Pistol Serial Number 605222?

The only way to find out how old a Bretta automatic pistol with the serial number 605222 is to call the company. There is not a listing for Bretta's by serial numbers online.

Who is the maker of 22 cal golden automatic pistol?

Can't be answered without more information

What is the meaning of ACP?

'ACP' means Automatic Colt Pistol. A 1911, for example, would chamber a .45 ACP cartridge.

What does acp mean for pistol description?

automatic colt pistol

What semi-automatic pistol was designed in 1898?

Schwarzlose pistol

What does acp mean in a 45 pistol?

Automatic Colt Pistol

What is the value of a colt automatic 22 pistol?

Without more information, it could range from 100-5000 USD

Is the m9 beretta a fully automatic pistol?

No, it is a semi-automatic.

Will .38 automatic ammo fire from a 380 automatic pistol?


Is there such a thing as an automatic tranquilizer pistol?


Is there an fully automatic Glock pistol?

Yes, the Glock 18 is fully automatic.