Where can you get gold lipstick?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The cave

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Q: Where can you get gold lipstick?
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Where can you get gold lipstick.... Any where near Biddeford or Portland?

On the internet

Is there a way to find out if a product has lead?

if you want to find out if lipstick has lead put some on your hand and use gold across it if it turns black the lipstick has lead in it

Holes after returning to the hole where Stanley found the lipstick tube what do the boys discover?

Gold -from liya :)

Which thing a girl wear and eat also?

Ladies Footwears Commonly, a girl can wear ladies Footwears. Boy can also wear the same but he can eat as well Because If a boy misbehaves with the girl then in that condition he can eat it...

What kind of clothing do people wear in mohenjo daro?

lipstick,robes and jewlrey made out of gold, jasper and green stone

What is the coolest credit cruncher to collect?

A Jessie J card where she wears black lipstick with a gold pattern on her bottom lip

What is the plural of lipstick?


What are three sentences for the word lipstick?

You have too much lipstick on.I dropped my lipstick down the drain.The police are analysing the lipstick on the glass for DNA.

Pictures of lipstick?

if you just want pictures of lipstick, go to google images and search for " lipstick " there.

What would you wear if you wanted to look like Marylin Monroe?

a blonde curly wig a gold or white dress and VERY red lipstick

What is the thing that holds lipstick?

a lipstick holder or case

Who was the candy company that made candy lipstick in gold wrapper and cellophane from the 60's and 70's?

wow really, that is pretty awesome dude