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For more detail than contacting the maker which you obviously knew:) This is coming from someone who has one, me. It is an 80 series fp system (if familiar with 70,80 series differences and Kimber's Schwartz style safety operated by grip instead of trigger) rear cocking serrations and no front serrations (which I like) on slide. Has an adjustable trigger and if serial number starts with PX it will have Para's power extractor which is essentially a larger extractor than on a std. 1911. It has a plastic or 'polymer' mainspring housing and trigger which is adjustable by the way (not the trigger bow just trigger is plastic) which is absolutely fine and don't let anyone tell you it's crap because of this because guess what? Those who consider Kimbers to be God's gift to 1911's have polymer mainspring housings yep it's true and the TLE/RL II that I had cost $1200 had it! and so does Colt on their M1991A1 series 1911's and others that I may not be aware of. These parts can be easily swapped if steel or aluminum suites you better for piece of mind. Now,Para has made the move from Canada to North Carolina and my PX745E is Canadian made. The older ones you will see have the stainless colored grip, thumb safeties, along with mag release and hammer too along with rosewood colored grips and gold color para emblem inlay and if I am not mistaken, this is a special edition and is very handsome. The newer will have a fiber optic front sight and the barrel will say 'match' on it with all black parts called 'covert' black I think. There is another color called 'midnight' which is model PX745MB or something to do with M after the 745 symbolizing the word midnight but you get the picture! Ok now, you will read a slew of bad stuff on the net regarding Para quality and customer service. Take it FWIW there are alot of people that just piss and moan and others are ligit and some have never owned a Para or forum mentioning brand they just believe everything on the net. Anyway I have a buddy with the older PX745E and over 2000 rnds later no problems never failed to do anything. I have the same exact model older one with no problems either and I bought mine used on gunbroker for $600. It is smooth as molasses and VERY accurate. Most guns are more accurate than the driver but you can just tell:) When I received it I as I do with any gun new or used it gets torn down to the last screw for cleaning and lubing. Mine was very clean and well lubed when I received it-GOOD SIGN that it's been taken care of and it had nary a scratch. The only 2 things I noticed right off the bat were the #1 mag release- It was dragging badly,so bad that when pushed in sometimes it would not retract-easy fix with a very light file and some lube which did the trick problem solved. #2 the grip safety-had little tension from sear leg and was binding when depressed-another easy fix with slight file and pull of the sear leg bingo. This was a cause of someone monkeying with it before I got it. Other than that it's great. Yes it has MIM parts and that's an endless discussion because there is not a production 1911 out there that doesnt have them so dont listen to that crap either. The only way you will get non MIM 1911 parts is to by bar stock and fit them or by a top tier custom hand built 1911 which is big $$. I do know that the frame is cast don't let that bother you either...the Ruger SR1911 frame is cast and Ruger has been casting guns for years before the 1911 and yes even Caspian frames are cast. It just depends if the process is done right. Heck, if anything is not done right its not going to be as good or fail. So, I think the SSP PX745E is a great gun. It's accurate,handsome and costs alot less than others. They had some QC issues just like EVERY other manufacturer. Colt-owned by an Iraqi banking family yes the USA Colt! had major problems with QC in the past as well as Kimber and my personal favorite Springfield too.People judge by what they read and hear. If you want a Para and it fits your desire and likes go for it. The SSP is a great gun. Good luck-Chris

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Q: Where can you get any info on a para-ordnance PX745E 45 cal semiauto pistol?
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