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Just found VB Beer in Canada. In Ontario it's through the LCBO

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Q: Where can you get Victoria Bitter beer in New York state?
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Where can you get Victoria Bitter beer in San Diego?

Right now, Victoria Bitter is not sold in the US at all.

What beer starts with the letter v?

Victoria Bitter (Australian)

What drink has two words and starts with letter v?

Victoria Bitter (beer)

Distributors of Victoria Bitter Beer in Chicago IL?

Chicago Beverage Systems

When was Bitter Funeral Beer created?

Bitter Funeral Beer was created in 1981-01.

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What are Australia's traditional drinks?

Beer - lager - is commonly considered the traditional alcoholic drink of Australia. (VB) Victoria Bitter is a good place to start.

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What is the welsh word for bitter beer?

cwrw chwerw

Where can you buy modelo's Victoria beer in la?

At a store that sells beer

What are different kinds of beer?

Lager, Bitter, Mild, Stout, Ale.

Where does the beer Victoria come from?

hmmm tricky question? VICTORIA maybe? i dot know