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Reloading Manuals

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Q: Where can you find the difference burning rates pressure of the different types of gun powders?
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What kind of gun powder does a rifle cartridge use?

Depends on the cartridge, Early cartridges used black powder, Modern cartridges use smokeless powder, based on nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. There are hundreds of different smokeless powders that have different recipes, grain shapes, and burning rates.

What happens when you snort BC Powders?

Lets see...when you snort BC powders you can suffer bad nose bleeds and awful burning in your nose. It cannot make you high or give you any affects that cocaine or any other synthetic drug does. It also damages the cartilage in your nose.

What are the advantages of powders?

powders dissolve easier in liquids then solids

Why is geometric dilution used when mixing unequal amounts of powders?

For homogeneous mixing without any change due to the pressure and also low cost.

Can one particular type of gun residue be used against a shooter?

It is possible. Different gun powders have different ingredients. This can be determined by lab analysis.

Why for different washing machines there are different washing powders like top loading front loading manual machines?

it depends on the quality and capacity of the michines

Can mixtures be separated and how?

Yes, mixtures can be separated with a centrifuge, and mixed liquids and powders can be separated by different evaporation techniques.

What is the chemical formula for face powder?

There isn't one. There are millions of different types of powders, and most powders contain a vast array of different compounds. So there is no chemical formula for powder itself. You may be able to find an answer if you specify what powder you are referring to.

Is 2.4 grams of medicinal powders is equivalent to how many milligrams of powders?


Tricks to identify different powders while doing a lab of mystery powder?

Check the smell and colour and try and figure it out

What is the difference between a vertical roller mill and a ball mill?

A vertical roller mill is an energy efficient grinder that grinds items into incredibly fine powders used for ceramics, cements, pyrotechnics, etc. using vertical pressure from an outer vertical roller on the inner rollers and disks to cause circulation. A ball mill is a grinder that creates very fine powders for paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics, etc. using cylindrical rolls and balls made of various materials that roll on an axis.

Can you melt powders into liquids?

Definitely. Powders are simply solids broken into smaller particles. As we know, melting is the phase change from the solid state to the liquid state. Thus, we can definitely melt powders.