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Gun shop, gun shows, want ads, Shotgun News

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Q: Where can you find second hand parts for a 6500 Trap Winchester shot gun?
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Where can you get second hand 30 inch barrels for a 6500 Trap Winchester Shotgun?

Try gun shops, gun shows, Shotgun News, want ads, Google,, MidWest Gun Works

What is the value of a Winchester over and under diamond grade trap shotgun?

Second hand in v.good condition £650.

What year was Winchester model 12 12 ga standard trap made serial 793477?

your Winchester model 12 standard trap was made in 1939.

Can the Winchester model 101 waterfowl shotgun be converted into a trap shotgun?


What is the current value of Winchester model 97 trap shotgun in excellent condition?


What year was Winchester model 12 trap shotgun serial number 1135275 produced?


In what year was a Winchester mode 12 trap gun with the serial number 862549 manufactured?


What is the house that the woman kept building that had trap doors and doors leading nowhere?

Winchester house.

What year was Winchester model 12 trap shotgun serial number 1148596 produced?


What is the value of a Winchester Model 12 12 gauge trap shotgun serial 257895?

The Winchester model 1912 trap shotgun was made from 1938-1964.With the serial number that you provided,your model 12 trap shotgun was made in the year 1921.It could be that yours may not be a trap model due to the date of manufacture!That being said a model 12 trap shotgun will bring between 700-1,200 dollars depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

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Value of Winchester model 101 pigeon grade trap gun serial number 303093?

$1475 new in box