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Try the Blue Book of Gun Values

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Q: Where can you find information on Nikko shotguns?
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What is value of nikko 410 ga shotgun?

Nikko .410 model 741 Over & Under You need to find a Nikko .410 for sale in the first instance - the company made plenty of guns in most gauges, but they did not make many .410 Over & Unders. the Nikko gunmaking company made guns for Winchester, and if you look at the Nikko model 741 and the Winchester field model they are almost identical - both Nikko and Winchester .410 over & Under shotguns are scarce the world over, these guns in turn demand big money - there has been only one Nikko .410 for sale in the UK in the past ten years on the Internet, and this gun sold with in five days with an asking price in four figures and on all accounts not the best example - value for anything is linked by a number of factors - 1. Quality, 2. Quantity (Rarity, 3. Demand. In the event you find a Nikko .410 Over & Under the gun could be a real investment, but how much should you pay, the gun has already more than trebled in value on its original retail price since 1980 - the "Sporting / Game models are the most rare of these models and the best investment if you are luck enough to find one - good hunting.

How can you find info on Spanish shotguns?

Find others who collect them.

Where to find parts for kessler shotguns?

Where can you find Owners manual for Nikko Golden Eagle 7000 300 mag?

Both Nikko Firearms Co., Ltd. and Nikko Arms Co., Ltd. were trade names used by the Kodensha Co., Ltd. of Tochigi, Japan on products they manufactured and distributed worldwide. Nikko is the name of the Prefecture, or district, in which Tochigi City is located, about 50 miles north of Tokyo. The word Nikko translates to English as "sunshine." The business is closed, factory torn down. There IS a Golden Eagle Collectors Club in California. I know of no source of manuals.

Where online can you find the age of your Franchi Shotguns?

No known source

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Who makes nikko shotguns where are they made?

This site has the information you are looking for about Nikko shotguns:

PARTS FOR Nikko ou shotguns?

what are you looking for? i have forearm and stock or i am looking for a set of barrels for nikko 5000

Where can you find information on 16 Ga shotguns?

On the internet.

Where can you find information on Washington arms shotguns?


How do you find information about Russell Arms co shotguns?

You can find information about Russell Arms Co. shotguns online at places like Gun Trader or at many local gun stores. You can also find information online at Shotgun World or Arms List.

Where are NIKKO shotguns made?

Used to be made inJapan, no longer made. Last ones in the 80's or so were sold in the UK.

What is Nikko golden eagle serialnumber one worth 30-06?

Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. For a collectable firearm, a #1 serial number would increase that value, but Nikko is not especially collectable. You also gave us no information on the model (There were several rifles AND shotguns that used the Golden Eagle designation).

Where can you get information about Browning shotguns?

How Can you find out information about your shotguns from their serial numbers?

If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.

Which is correct Nikko and his team or Nikko and its team?

his team.

How do you find information on New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotguns?

You can go to their website

Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

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