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Q: Where can you find information about a TBarker 410 gauge single shot break action shotgun?
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Who made 12 gauge single action shotgun 54044 NF?

Not enough information to answer that question. Need to know the other markings.

The value of Columbia 12 gauge single action shotgun?


What is the value of a Stevens 410 single shot shotgun?

would like to know the value of j. Stevens 1913 single action/brake action

Where could you sell a functional Columbia 12 gauge single action shotgun?

I would be interested in your shotgun. contact me at

Can yo find information on a Single shot 12 gauge shotgun with the sn 398785?

Without knowing who made it and the type of action, no. Even then, there may not be any published data.

Where can you find information about a smithsonian 12 gauge shotgun single shot?

None published. Try shotgun collectors.

How do you reassemble your colt 1927?

You have to state whether it is a handgun, rifle, or shotgun and then whether it is a bolt action, semi-automatic, single action, double action or pump action.

How do you determine the age of a continental arms shotgun single break action?

70-100 years.

Any Information on Montgomery Wards shotgun Western Field model 36. I have my grandfathers and would like to know some history on it and value?

Correction.... It is a single barrel, pump action

Does ww greener make a single barrel shotgun?

yes they made a martini action single barrel shotgun 12gauge it is cheap around £100 but it has a huge amount of recoil you can buy them on

You found an old gun that has engraved tbarker it breaks in the middle like a shotgun but only has one barrel looks to small for shotgun a45 almost fits anbybody ever see one of these?

It's a single shot 410 shotgun. The T. Barker trade name was manufactured by Crescent and also by several Belgian makers circa 1890-1930 and sold through Folsum Arms, Sears Roebuck, and other retail stores.

Information on disassembly of a Westpoint 949?

Impossible to answer without more details. Is it a rifle, handgun or shotgun? What caliber/gauge? What type of action, bolt, semi-auto, single shot, side by side, over/under?