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The Stevens gun Co made a valiant line, but it was not a Browning model. Please be more specific as to what you have.

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Q: Where can you find info on a 12 gauge browning valiant how old is it?
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How can i find Any info on a browning 16 gauge pump shotgun valiant?

Customer service at

Info on browning 425 grade six 410 or 28 gauge?

Info available on Browning's site.

Browning 12 gauge shotgun serial Bp?

not enough info, what is the question

Need age of Browning A5 16 gauge shotgun serial number 8R 22016 cannot find info on 8R only on 8M and 8G?

You will need to call Browning.

Where can you find out how old your browning shotgun is?

you can find that info at

Browning Auto 5 Ducks Unlimited 1991 12 gauge Canada version engraved with case however cant seem to find any info at all Is it rare production info Any help is appreciated?

Consider contacting Browning and getting it lettered.

I'm interested in the 1999 Browning Final Tribute to the A-5 16 gauge shotguns of which there were only 1000 produced Where can one find more info on these?

Blue Book of Gun Values, \\

How can you find out how old a FN Herstal Acier Special 12 gauge serial number F60386 gun is and where it was made?

You may contact Browning directly at there customer service dept.and they will provide you with the info that you seek.

Could you help me find info on 9T 9418 browning semi auto 22?

Browning now offers factory history letters.

How old is my browning shotgun?

In order for me to answer your question,I will need some more information from you.First is this shotgun a semi-auto,pump action,or over-under shotgun.I will need the model of shotgun.Then add the shotguns gauge(12 gauge,16 gauge,20 gauge)? I will need the serial number of your shotgun to date the year of manufacture.If you provide this info,I can then tell you how old your Browning shotgun is.

Where to look for a date on a browning 16 gauge shotgun?

You may find the info you seek if you go to Brownings web site and look for the customer service dept. then look for info on firearm history I believe and there should be a way to provide the info to look up the age of your Browning.If not please provide the serial number to your Shotgun to me and I will date your shotgun for you.

What is the date and info on an browning 16 gauge with special steel-16 gauge-shells 2 34 ok g 980 with a sideways b a pv with a funny looking thing above it the letter l e g with a crown above them?

Browning's web site has a sn search function.