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Crosman owns both the Sheridan and Benjamin air gun line of products. Crosman has most all the owners and parts manuals online. You can search through them and find your model.

There are two models of the Blue Streak. The CB and the CB9

See the link below for the manuals.

Also there is a book "Blue book of airguns 9th edition" that has some more information in it.

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Q: Where can you find documentation on sheridan blue streak air rifle with no numbers on it?
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What is the value of a 1950 sheridan silver streak air gun?

what condition is the rifle in.

How is the year for a 5 mm blue streak pellet rifle sn 53408 found?

Model numbers from 025651 to 060550 were made in 1973. Your Sheridan rifle is 40 years old.

Where to get manual for blue streak 5mm air rifle?

There are 3 versions of the Sheridan Blue Streak. See the link below for the 2nd version. BTW today Crosman owns the Sheridan and Benjamin line of air guns. This link is from Crosman

How is the year for a 5 mm blue streak pellet rifle sn 101304 found?

It was made in 1975. (Today Crosman owns Sheridan.) See the link below and then scroll down to "Sheridan"

What is the value of a Sheridan c series model 422994 air rifle in good condition?

Sheridan C silver streak in good condition would be worth between $125 -$160 USD

What is the value of a Sheridan C series blue streak pellet rifle 20 caliber in good condition?

Around $100 in good condition.

Silver streak B1719c air gun what is it worth?

The Sheridan Silver Streak is a 20 cal pump air rifle. To get an estimate of value please state the condition of the air rifle. Is it working? Is it in poor, fair, good, very good, or excellent condition.

Where can you find documentation on 50 year old Sheridan Silver Streak pellet rifle?

Crosman corp took over Benjamin Sheardon a long time ago. Fortunately they offer manuals on almost all of their rifles that they have made. The Silver Streak is part of the "C9" series of rifles. Go and click on "Download a manual" and select the "Benjamin Sheardon" section of manuals. You will find your rifle there. see the related link

What is the value of a Sheridan .20 caliber rifle in excellent shape?

I assume that you are asking about the .20 cal Sheridan C Silver Streak NOT the C9 Silver streak. (It's worth more.) New in box: Excellent condition $185 Very Good $160 Good $120 This is just an estimate.

What model is a Sheridan Blue Streak serial 186179?

Your rifle was made in 1977. It's one of two models, here is how to determine which one is yours. Measure your rifle barrel Model CB Blue streak barrel is 19.5 inches. Model CB9 Blue streak barrel is 19.38 inches 36.75 overall. It also has a Monte Carlo stock ( cheek rest).

What is the value of your sheridan blue streak air rifle serial number 082109?

In order to give an estimate of value I need to know the current condition of the rifle.Excellent to poor ( Give it a rating?)

Can you get the value for a silver streak pump rifle 22 cal 5mm?

The Blue Book of Airguns has the info you need. Also, all Sheridan Streaks are .20 caliber, not .22 caliber.

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