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In the "get shot by a cop" section. Look for an airsoft gun, theyre realistic. ...or do some googling

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Q: Where can you find a water gun that looks real one?
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What is a blank firing gun?

A gun that looks real but only fires Blanks not real bullets.

Where can I buy a toy gun that looks real and is the same size as a real gun?

Nowhere. Having any toy that looks like a real gun is asking for trouble with law enforcement. This is why toy guns are made bright colors or different sizes.

How do you make an airsoft gun that looks real?

Don't. That orange stuff is there for a reason.

How do you find a chainsaw gun?

No such real item.

Is a ray gun real?

A Ray Gun is commonly mistaken for its real life counterpart, the Water Gun. A Water Gun can be an extremely lethal weapon when in your command. Though it is lethal, there have been many misuses of the gun due to reckless children.

Where do you find the water gun in Pokemon soul silver?

you cant you have to have a pkemon who nos it

Where can you find real cheap guns?

there is a gun iny pants loL

Is vash stampede gun real?

Not a real gun, but, it is a real product.

Is the tippmann X7 legal in Australia?

No; it looks like a real gun. Also the elctro version has full auto which is also banned.

Is the ray gun a real gun?

It's Obviously not a real gun. It's a future warfare gun.

What is a D 7051 rifle This is all that I can find on the gun. It looks really old I think a 1936 model. I want to know what kind of gun this is?

If you have questions about you gun it is best to let a licensed gunsmith or firearms dealer look at your gun to see if he knows about it. The most important thing you can do though is to find out what brand it is, without that information it is next to impossible to find out about your gun.

Can you find machine guns in k-mart? could find a toy machine gun. but probably not a real one.