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I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

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Q: Where can you find a trigger guard for a Winchester model 77?
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Where can you find a Winchester 22 rifle model 77 trigger guard?

I have a CNC Billet Aluminum tube fed trigger guard for a Winchester model 77. I have then polished or hard black anoidzed.

How do you find out what model of star 9mm that you have?

The model number should be stamped on the barrel just above the trigger guard.

Where can you find a trigger guard for a savage arms model 6d?

The trigger guard is available from Numrich Gun Parts. There are two different types of trigger guards for the Savage 6d. The plastic guard that has a inletted area for the trigger guard in the stock and the simple bent metal trigger guard that just screws into the stock wood. Plastic trigger guard is product # 103530U $24.10 Metal guard is product # 10543OAL $11.50

Where can you find a stock trigger guard for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 101.19?

We have them.

How can you find the serial number of a Winchester model 1912?

It should be on the under side of the receiver in front of the trigger guard and the loading port. it would be a number 7 digit's long, if it's a newer gun it may start with a letter.

Where can you find a trigger guard for a model 325 20 gage revelation bolt action shotgun?

Try a Mossberg Model 385K. This is what it was originally

Where do you find a trigger assembly for a model 60?

At a good gunsmith's shop. Maybe Numrich's Gun Parts (search gunpartscorp) For the complete trigger guard assembly, including trigger, safety, springs, pins etc., you can get it from Numrich, Midway USA, Brownells or direct from Marlin. If it's just the trigger or other individual trigger guard parts you need, you'll have to get those from Numrich for a different model Marlin.

How do you find the model of a Winchester rifle?

Model 94 winchester 30 30

How do you adjust the trigger on a Winchester model 70?

Your two best options are to find a gunsmith and find a gunsmith. By the time you buy the necessary book(s) you could have paid a gunsmith to do it.

where can you find a trigger guard for a Stevens model 94 m?

Gun shops,garage sales,gun shows,E-bay etc.

Does anyone have a picture of a rifle with no trigger?

There were a few that do not have a standard trigger, but use a THUMB trigger. Do a web IMAGE search for Winchester thumb trigger rifle, and you will find it.

How can you find the age of a Winchester model 53?

By providing a serial number to your Winchester model 53.