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Q: Where can you find a shell extractor for your Stevens Model 94C 410 ga shotgun?
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What shell size do you use in a j.c. Higgins model 101.7 .410 shotgun?

Your shotgun was made for Sears by Stevens, and is their model 311. It should take 2.5 inch and 3 inch .410 shells.

Where can you buy a shell extractor for a Model 944a?

Gun Parts Corp

How can you tell what model a Stevens shotgun is?

The model number and other information is on the left side of the barrel back by the pump action (what you hold to pump another shell into the chamber).

What length shell can a model 60G marlin shotgun?


Can you get parts for a sears model 101 the shell extractor is broken?

yes you can go to they have tons of parts

What length shell for a Harrington and Richardson model 348 Gamester 12 gauge shotgun?

the shotgun takes a 2 3/4 shell

What gunmaker shoots 3.5 shotgun shell?

Remington makes a model which does.

What gun manufactor shoots a 3.5 shotgun shell?

Remington makes a model which does.

Does a Stevens Crackshot model 16 have an extractor or do you have to manually extract the spent cartridge?

Stevens Crackshot #16 sidelever does indeed have a crecsent shaped ejector that fits in the recess in the bottom of the chamber.It is operated when the lever is worked although I don't think they were a very good system and you probably end up levering as many spent shells out with a pocketknife as it ejects properly. NOTE: The Stevens # 16 has an extractor,which partially removes the spent shell from the chamber,rather than an ejector, which completely expells the spent shell from the chamber. Does anyone know a good source for these extractors??? HG

What gauge shell do you use in a JCHiggins model 583.14 15 gauge?

Actually the shotgun uses 16 gauge shells i have the same shotgun

Where can I buy a shell clip for a Stevens 22 model 85A call Bob at 250 359 7625?

One can buy a shell clip for the Stevens 22 model 85A in a few locations as of 2014. These can be purchased through gun retailers, gun auctions, and classifieds.

Have a Stevens Model 58 16 GA bolt action shotgun with a 2 shell clip and looking for a clip that holds more shells. Does anyone know if they were ever manufactured and if so where to find one?


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