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internet, want ads.

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Q: Where can you find 22 Magnum rat shot with crimped brass tip case not plastic tipped?
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Are all 3 inch shotgun shells magnum shells?

Yes, they are all high brass and considered magnum loads

What are brass instruments made of?

brass instruments can be made of silver, brass, or even plastic in some cases, although not intirly plastic. brass instruments may also be made of solid gold or coated in it, and mouthpeices can be made of brass, silver, plastic, gold or gold plated.

Can you contact brass to plastic pipe?


What is the odd one out between copper zinc plastic brass?

Plastic. The others are metal.

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Steel, wood, plastic, brass

What is a Brass Instrument mute made of?

it depends, can be plastic, or metal

Brass rounds western 300 magnum holland cartridges with original how much are they worth?

.50-5.00 USD

What is the piccolo trumpet made out of?

most trumpets, and other brass instruments, are made out of brass, hence the name "brass instrument". I have seen brass instruments made out of other materials, such as a P Bone, a Plastic tromBone

What is the gatling machine gun made of?

Brass, iron, steel, wood, plastic.

What materials were used for the construction of the saxophone?

A reed, brass (or metal), and plastic for the keys.

Could a faulty temperature sensor in a 1997 Saturn SC1 cause the car to not start?

Yes. The composite/plastic tips crack. This in turns causes the wire connection to corrode. Replace it with an updated brass tipped version from saturn. Clean the connection or replace it if neccessary. It is also availlable from saturn.

Should you use teflon tape with brass to plastic threads?

Yes, otherwise you will have leaks

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