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They just started carrying them at our local Walmart.

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2013-06-04 20:49:27
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Q: Where can you buy voortman sugar free lemon cookies in Indiana?
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Where can you buy voortmans cookies?

I found Voortman windmill cookies (and others) at My grocery store only carries a small selection of Voortman flavors. I found the shrtbread swirls (sugar free) at a Walmart Superstore this morning. Delicious!

Can you make sugar cookies without lemon extract?

Yes. most sugar cookies are flavored with vanilla. Only Lemon Sugar Cookies need lemon extract or lemon zest. Other possible flavors would result by using peppermint, almond, or rose extract.

Where can you buy archway sugerfree cookies in Miami Florida?

Archway is now out of business! You should try Voortman sugar free cookies anyway. They are FAR superior to Archway and are trans fat free also!!!.

How do you make sugar cookies without out vanilla?

Use other flavorings instead -- lemon, orange, rum, etc. If you don't want the alcohol (it evaporates when the cookies are baked), use a teaspoon or two of orange or lemon zest.

Lemon Glaze For Cookies?

Ingredients1 Egg white; slightly beaten1 1/2 c Powdered sugar; sifted1/2 ts Lemon peel; grated1 ts Lemon juiceDash salt Combine egg white, powdered sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice, and dash salt; beat well.

Why do cookies have sugar in them?

cookies have sugar in them because it makes them sweet and sugar is inexpensive

Are sugar-cookies the same as shortbread cookies?

No, sugar cookies and shortbread cookies are not the same. Shortbread cookies have more butter than sugar cookies and do not have eggs or a leavening agent (such as baking powder) in them.

What is the difference between melting sugar in water or baking cookies with sugar in them?

the difference between melting sugar in water or baking cookies with sugar in them is that if you bake cookies with sugar in them you making sugar cookies and melting sugar on water is mixing things together

Why did your sugar cookies raise?


What is the difference between dissolving sugar in water and making cookies with sugar in them?

The difference is water is a ligid and cookies aern't. When you make cookies with sugar in them the sugar doesn'y dissolve like it dissolves in the cookies.

When is the recipe of sugar cookies traditionally made?

when where sugar cookies made

How much sugar in lemon's?

if its pure lemon juice with no added sugar then it has no sugar in it. and most lemon juice are like that. its in lemon soft drinks and lemon cordials that add the sugars.

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