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At a bank, or through a collector.

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2010-09-03 00:01:21
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Q: Where can you buy rolls of circulated bi centinal quarters?
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Where can you buy rolls of state quarters?

Rolls of quarters are available at any bank. However, for rolls of a specific quarter, check coin and jewelry shops.

Where can you buy rolls of Washington quarters for any state?

Coin dealers may still have rolls of earlier State quarters in stock. For current releases, first check with your local banks, especially the one(s) with which you hold accounts; some of them may get in rolls of State Quarters. You can get current, and some recent back-issues, rolls of State Quarters from the US Mint's web catalog, but you'll be paying more than face value for them.

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Can you buy state quarters from the bank?

can you buy state quarters

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Where do you get national park quarters?

In many places. Check your local bank, some of the larger ones buy solid rolls of single-type quarters to sell to collectors. Check your change too, they are fairly easily found in change. Some coin shops also will stock some for collectors and also you can buy directly from the US mint online.

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