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You can buy Frost Fingerboards at

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the sold it in the brr store but now their out of stock ,maybe you need to contact him on facebook

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Q: Where can you buy prete fingerboards?
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Where can you buy flatface fingerboards?

Where can you buy finga fingerboards?

anywhere they sell teckdecks

Where can you buy lowpro complete fingerboards? or emf

Where do you buy z shred fingerboards?

You can buy them at

What are some types of professional fingerboards?

there are Oneway fingerboards, flatface fingerboards, Berlin wood fingerboards homewood fingerboards and havok fingerboards, but theses are just some of them

Where can you get fingerboards for a good price?

You can get fingerboards for a good price from the Flat Face Fingerboards website. You can also get these items on sale from retailers such as Amazon.

What is the best of Tech Deck fingerboards of all brands?

Blackriver fingerboards

Where can you get fingerboard foam tape? or just use black sandpaper also, u caN go to any skate store and just buy real skateboard grip and use that

Where is flatface fingerboards from?

Flatface Fingerboards is owned by Mike Schneider, who lives in Andover, MA.

Are sbego fingerboards good?

Yeah. those one's are good i have lots of fingerboards and this is my favorite.

What is riptape for fingerboards made out of?

Riptape for fingerboards is typically made out of synthetic materials like polyethylene or rubber. These materials are durable and provide good grip for tricks on fingerboards.

Do violins have fretted fingerboards?

No. Stringed orchestra instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) do not have fretted fingerboards.