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Umarex is the company that handles Walther PPK/s Airguns. I would contact them first. (See the links below.)

You can also try air gun repair shops around the country.

(See the link below)

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Q: Where can you buy parts for a walther ppk co2 gun?
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Where to Buy parts for walther p22 hand gun?

The factory replacement parts you can get from Smith and Wesson, as they now own Walther Gmbh. Any aftermarket parts, you can get from the internet. Just google "walther P22 parts" or if you are looking for something specific then enter that parts instead of parts. Its not hard to find the few parts that are being made for it.

Where can you find a walther ppks CO2 bb gun parts diagram?

Try egunparts ----------------------NEW ANSWER------------------ See the link "PPK/S" below for the complete diagram.

Where can you buy parts for your walther lg 55?

You can try JG Airguns, they have a few parts. You can also place a "wanted" ad on an airgun forum. LG 55 parts are scarce, but still around. Another idea is to buy a "beater" LG55 or a parts gun for the parts you need.

I am about to buy a CO2 powered airsoft gun. I was just wondering if there is any danger in the CO2 cartrige exploding and if I can leave the CO2 in the gun.?

Read the directions for YOUR gun. CO2 does not explode, but may leak down.

What is a good cheap airsoft gas blowback gun that uses co2 cartridges?

Umarex SA177 Walther cp99 Compact Those are really cool co2 blowbacks that are from $50-$80

Can the smart parts vibe run on co2?

Smart Parts claims it does, but you have to change settings, and even then you risk CO2 bleeding into the gun and damaging it.

Where can you find ammo clips for a Walther TPH22?

Walther, earl's repair service, gun shop, want ad, gun show

Were can you find walther ppk bb gun parts?

I believe you are asking about a Walther PPK/S made by Umarex. I would contact Umarex directly and ask them at Customer Service. See the link below.

Do you have to buy special oil for your airsoft gun?

No you do not need to put air in an airsoft gun. These guns are either spring powered where you must cock the gun before you shoot it, electric powered which are automatic and require batteries, or CO2 powered which requires a CO2 cartridge. This CO2 is not expensive and a pack of 40 CO2 cartridges costs only 20-25 dollars. the guns that require CO2 are not as common as the other forms of airsoft guns, although they are more powerful. In general, if you buy an airsoft gun, you do not need to put any air into it.

Who developed the Walther P99?

The Walther P99 was developed by the gun manufacturer Carl Walther GMBH Sportwaffen. The Walther P99 was made in the year 1996 and continues to be manufactured.

What is the commonly used gun in the SAS?


Where can you buy a walther ppk?

Gun store, sporting goods store, private sale, internet auction sites, newpaper ads.