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waitrose or ocado

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Q: Where can you buy iodised salt in UK?
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Which is better for health- iodised salt or cristal salt?

Iodised salt

Information about importance of iodised salt?

Iodised salt is recommended to avoid idiocy.See this link:

What brand of sea salt if iodized?

The healthier salt is iodised; but the sea salt can be also iodised.

Why is salt iodised?

Iodised salt (sodium chloride) contain iodine (as potassium/sodium iodide or potassium/sodium iodate). The concentration of iodine is 20 +/- 5 mg/kg. Iodised salt is recommended to avoid idiocy.

Why is iodised table salt is mixture?

Iodised table salt contain sodium chloride, potassium iodide (or iodate) and anticaking substances.

Where do you get non iodised salt?

Thankfully it is now very easy to get non-iodised salt at local grocery chains. Brands like Kroger, Harveys, and Publix all have store brand non-iodised salt. Lawreys and Morton also sell a non-iodised salt on their website.

Why table salt is called iodised salt?

It's called iodised salt when a little bit of iodine has been added to it. Iodine is good for your thyroid gland, that's why.

Is it good to use iodised salt in your swimming pool?

NO !!

How do you refine or exract salt?

See the following link:

Salt for Kentucky Fried Chicken?

KFC use fine iodised sodium chloride.

What is the main function of iodised salt in human body?

To regulate the function of thyroid gland

Why is common salt available in markets iodized?

It is iodised so it flows easier and does not stick in clumps