Where can you buy amtrak tickets?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go to to buy amtrak tickets.

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Q: Where can you buy amtrak tickets?
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Where do i go to fill out a application for the amtrak train?

you dont need an application. buy tickets on

How much money is it going to cost to travel by amtrak train from seaside Oregon to modesto California?

The cost for Amtrak tickets can very greatly depending upon when you buy them and when you are travelling, similar to airline tickets. Amtrak has a website that can give you up-to-date costs for all Amtrak travel in seconds. Please check the link provided here.

Where can I buy discount train tickets online?

If you're going Amtrak, you can buy direct from their site. Otherwise, try a site like

Where can you but amtrak tickets at a discount?

You can purchase amtrak tickets online from their website. Depending on when you want to travel and where you are traveling, you can save up to 25% on your fare.

Do Amtrak tickets have to be booked in advanced?

Is it possible to buy train tickets that allow you to travel coast-to-coast?

In the United States, Amtrak is a great cross-country train travel system. This website,, has deals on Amtrak fares.

Where can one purchase Amtrak tickets?

Amtrak tickets can be purchased online. Amtrak has an official website through which it sells tickets for both trains and buses. Amtrak also has a mobile app for both iphones and android phones which can be used to purchase tickets.Tickets can also be bought at bus and train stations at quik-trak kiosks and on board their trains. Tickets can also be bought over the phone and through travel agents.

Where can a person go online to make reservations with Amtrak?

If one wishes to make reservations online with Amtrak the best place is on the Amtrak website. One has the option to make reservations from the site or by calling the number and booking by phone.

Where can one find more information about Amtrak?

One can find more information about Amtrak though the Amtrak website. It has route information as well as price listings. One can also purchase train tickets from the site.

How can one get Amtrak discounts on train fares?

One can visit the official Amtrak online website to discounts on train fares. The Amtrak website also offers promotions, low train fares, and cheap train tickets.

How does the cost of Amtrak compare with those of train tickets?

Amtrak is a company that operates a large network of trains throughout the United States, both for commercial use and to transport passengers. An Amtrak ticket is a train ticket, thus the prices will be the same.

Where can one buy cheap tickets to New York?

Where to purchase tickets to New York would depend on the type of travel desired. For airline tickets sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor allow the customers to locate deals from all over the US. For rail and bus tickets, Amtrak have some seat sales that would make traveling to New York more affordable.