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try a gas station!lol

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Q: Where can you buy a toilet plunger on Christmas day?
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Can you buy alcohol in Tennessee on Christmas?

No, as most stores are closed for Christmas you cannot buy alcohol in Tennessee on Christmas Day.

Can you buy alcohol in ma on Christmas day?


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Is BEST BUY opened on Christmas Day?

No, all Best buy retail store outlets will be closed for Christmas Day. You can, however, order items from their Internet site 24/7.

Where can I buy food on Christmas Day?

You should be able buy food for Christmas in any store that is open. The problem is, not many are. You will have to look around

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Can you buy a Christmas tree on Christmas day?

Yes, most tree lots are open on Christmas Day. Even better, you will likely get a discount on your tree because you waited so long.

What Best Buy locations are open on Christmas Day in Cypress Texas?

None. There are no stores like that open on christmas.

Where to buy beer in Calgary on Christmas day?

Go to the hotels. They are open!!1

What is often the traditions Christmas day meal in Japan?

The Japanese don't celebrate Christmas - it's a Christian (Western) holiday.

What was the original Christmas day?

Christmas day originally was on the day of Christmas

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they have buy 1 get 1 free on boxing day