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Q: Where can you buy a three seat swing without a canopy?
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Where can you purchase a canopy swing cover and seat for Canopy Swing Model RUS423?

You can purchase a canopy swing cover and a seat for canopy swing model RIS423 at a shopping mall in you area.

Where can I get a canopy for my swing seat?

If you want a canopy for your swing seat you should check out They got a large inventory of different models and colours on their canopy swing seat.

Where do you purchase as canopy swing seat replacement?

A seat replacement for a canopy swing can be purchased with the manufacturer in most instances. If the canopy swing is still under warranty, the replacement may be covered by the company.

Where can you get a replacement canopy for a two seat swing?


Where can you buy fabric to make swing seat canopy cover?

Try an awning place or a fabric store.

Where can you find a replacement canopy swing seat assembly cover sold at value city?

You would have to contact the manufacturer of the canopy swing and they would be able to give you a list of places that carry it. You could also call companies like Lowes and Sears.

Where can I find a Martha Stewart replacement part for the seat and backing of a porch swing 22x64. It is like a canvas piece?

You can get one at kmart replacement swing Canopy.

Where can you find replacement brackets for the overhead canopy of a 3-seat outdoor patio swing?

That's easy. Your best bet is Swingcushioncovers. They make all styles of canopies for the outdoor patio swing and they use Sunbrella fabric so it won't fall apart in a few years like the original fabric. Gardenwinds is also a good choice. They guarantee a fit or your money back! They also use a fabric that is 30% thicker than the manufacturer's original.

Where can I get a replacement canopy for Mainstays garden -Greensboro 2-seat swing?

Mainstays Garden ---Customer Service 1-877-539-7436 for swings and replacement parts

Where can you purchase a canopy swing cover and seat replacement cushion for a Wal-mart 2 seat swing?

You can buy the canopy replacement and new cushion cover for your swing at They have several fabric choices. They use only Sunbrella brand fabric which comes with a 10 year warranty. Buy a durable replacement. They original fabrics all fell apart too quickly, but this is a nice frame. They cushion for the Walmart two seater they make a slipcover so you won't have to disassemble the frame. The make most Walmart patio swing models. Check out their website. AT DICK'S SPORTING GOODS

Where can on buy a replacement swing seat for kids swing sets?

A consumer can purchase a replacement swing seat for a kids swing set at a variety of department stores such as Walmart and Target, or directly from the manufacturer via the internet or telephone.