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You can buy it from Amazon.

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Q: Where can you buy a miniature golf course?
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How long is a miniature golf course?

Miniature golf courses can be anywhere from 50 to 100 yards long.

What is best miniature golf course on Oahu?

Bayview Golf Course in Kaneohe reopened it's mini-golf course.

What is the difference between a miniature golf course and a traditional golf course?

A mini golf course has obstacles and hills and bumps and a traditional golf course has a green and a fairway

Is it okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course?

It certainly is okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course. However, keep a close eye on him so he does not go onto others courses. In fact, you can teach him the aspects of miniature golf.

What is the average size of a miniature golf course hole?

same as a regular golf course 3 inches across

How many square feet is in a miniature golf course?


What was the name of the first miniature golf course in the US?


How much land is needed to build a miniature golf course?

about an acre

How many holes are there in miniature golf?

Depends on the course, but usually 18.

How do you determine a par for a miniature golf course hole?

all holes are 3par

How can one locate a local miniature golf course?

Check out the website Yelp. Locate your city and browse for miniature golf courses. You should be able to find some in your town and you can read reviews.

Where could one play miniature golf in southern Florida?

One of the most popular franchises in Florida for miniature golf is called pirates cove. They are located throughout florida and have a pirate themed course and a miniature volcano at some of their sites.

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