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At the USPS (post office)

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Q: Where can you buy a metered postcard?
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What is a metered postcard?

a metered postcard is a postcard that already has the stamp made into the the postcard. there is no need to put an adhesive stamp on it.

Where can you buy metered postcards?

you get them f your face

Where can you buy a plain postcard?

You can purchase a plain postcard at your nearest drug store such as CVS or Walgreen's.

Where can I buy postcard printing software?

There are mutliple postcard printing softwares, these include: the postcard printing service on Xerox, another is the Postcard Software sold by Capscan, a free trial for the Capscan software is available.

What is the cost to send a postcard from Singapore to the US?

fifty cents. just buy a stamp and put it on the postcard. DONE

What is the cost of an Indian postcard?

1 Postcard Single Postcard 0.5 Reply Postcard 1 Printed Postcard 6 Competition Postcard 10

How much does it cost to mail a Russian postcard?

You buy a special stamp ( I did this last summer) and you need 4 for each postcard. The postcard took so long to get here I thought that the stamps were taken off and resold ( they sometimes do this). It would be faster to buy the card and carry it home to someone. The cost was less than a ruble.

How much does it cost to buy a postcard stamped?

Probably 50 cents for the postcard and another 37 cents for the postage ... 87 cents plus tax ... so, probably a dollar or more.

Is a postcard an adverb?

Postcard is a noun.

How much does it cost to send a postcard from Italy to Canada and England?

(sept 2011), A clerk from the post office told me to buy 1.65€ worth of stamps for a single regular size postcard. You can buy stamps at the post offices, or in most tobbaconist shops (tabacchi).

What is 'postcard' when translated from English to Italian?


What can a tourist do at the Eiffel Tower?

Look at the view. Buy souvenirs. Send a postcard. If insanely rich, eat.

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