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you can buy a googly buy a googly ball at KMART

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Q: Where can you buy a googly ball?
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Where can you buy googly eyes?


What does the word 'googly' mean?

googly means googly eyes or a bowled ball that swerves in one direction and breaks in the other.

What is the difference between arm ball and Chinaman?

Arm ball means ball go streth and chinaman means a mirror image of googly.

Which sport is the term googly associated with?

This term is associated with cricket. It is the ball which the spinners use.

Googly word related to which game?

A googly is a type of delivery bowled in cricket.

What are the ratings and certificates for Googly - 2013?

Googly - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: India:U/A

How do you spell googly?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "googly" (cricket delivery, or eyes that are out of focus or askew)

What is mean by googly in cricket?

Googly is a type of ball wchich is bowled by a spinner this ball is mostly bowled by leg spinners.Googly is a pitch which is thrown with baseball's "screwball" grip but reverse finger spin... to look like a leg-break that should move across and AWAY from the batter, but actually moves in the OPPOSITE direction, i.e. INTO the batter like an off-break after it bounces.

What is another name for a googly?


What are googly eyes made of?


What is a wrong 'un in bowling?

a googly

What is a googly?

A normal leg break spins from the leg to the off side, away from a right-handed batsman, a googly spins the other way, from off to leg, into a right-handed batsman and is distinct from an off break delivery. The bowler achieves this change of spin by bending the wrist sharply from the normal leg break delivery position. When the ball rolls out of the hand from the side near the little finger, as in a normal leg break, it emerges with clockwise spin from the bowler's point of view. A googly may also be achieved by bowling the ball as a conventional leg break, but spinning the ball further with the fingers just before it is released.

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