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FSP scooters

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Q: Where can you buy a cheap mgp deck?
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Can you put any deck onto an mgp?

hi i,m ben. No you can not change the deck on a MGP

Do district v2 bars fit mgp deck?

do dristrict v2 bars fit mgp decks

What is better mgp or grit?

MGP. Because MGP are proper professional scooters, and grit are alright. I your just starting out buy an MGP team edition, and when your better get an MGP nitro. When you get really good buy a MGP ninja or MGP extreme.

How is the mgp scooter?

The MGP Scooter Has A 360 Degree Deck And Grip To Help You With Those All Important Stunts

Where can you buy a really cheap teck deck?

a dumpster

Will mgp headset fit blunt envy deck?


Does a razor scooter fork fit onto an MGP deck?

can any kind of scooter bars fit on mgp forks

Where can you but a mgp scooter brake?

you can buy mgp breaks from dogg scooters

Where can one buy a cheap deck box?

You can buy a cheap deck box from a variety of locations. You can go to an outdoors or large home improvement store, or you can try sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Where can you get a cheap mgp scooter?,, or

How much does a mgp pro deck weigh?

3 pounds and 12 ounces

What is better a slam or razor deck?

none, they are both bad, get an mgp instead