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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

How do you know which transactions are awaiting your approval

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Q: Where can you buy a Prepaid Visa International Card At?
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How can I get a prepaid visa card?

You can buy a prepaid visa at locations such as target or walmart; you decide how much to put on them.

Can you buy a prepaid debit card visa mastercard etc with a target gift card?


Can you buy a car used or new with a visa prepaid debit card?


What is a prepaid visa card?

A visa gift card is a visa card that has a predetermined amount of money on it, that can be used to buy things online and/or in stores (It is used like a regular visa).

Which prepaid credit card lets you buy things online?

Any of them with a MC or Visa logo and no, your limit is what you prepaid.

Where can one buy prepaid Visa cards?

There are many sources for prepaid visa cards. The best place is at Visa. You can load the card with dollars and reload again, but be aware of fees.

Does anyone know what the website is to buy imvu credits with a prepaid visa card?

Something you buy at a gift store which starts with letter v?

VISA Gift Card - A prepaid card that you can use to buy stuff on or offline.

Is there a website where you can buy a prepaid Visa gift card?

It depends on where you're located and what your preferences are in terms of merchant.You can also buy Visa PrePaid cards from They have all denominators and they send the information all to your sells Visa gift card online. You can also buy online at or

What can you buy with a Chase gift card?

A Chase gift card is actually a prepaid Visa gift card. The only difference is that it is sponsored by Chase credit card company. You can use this card anywhere that accepts Visa, even online and buy what you want.

Where can one buy a Visa gift card?

One can buy a Visa gift card at most stores that have gift card kiosks. Walmart, grocery stores and drug stores all carry the prepaid Visa gift card in different denominations.If you want to buy them online use They send you the gift card information to your email, which is quick.If you want to buy Visa gift card online, you can buy at

Is it more cost effective to buy a prepaid visa or to use a standard debit card?

It's more effective to buy a prepaid visa versus a standard debit card. The reason being is that there are no hidden fees, it's re-loadable, and you do not have to be affiliated with a specific financial institution to have one.

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