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The name of the company that makes a duplication is REJUVENESSENCE. It can be found only on EBAY. The products are great, priced right and are made fresh. I can't tell the difference. Old bottles of Revenescence are going fot hundreds of dollars, and they are old and stale. Look under Charles of the Ritz Revnescence on EBAY, and the Rejuvenessence products will come up. Seller has a perfect feedback rating.

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"Revenescence" by Charles of the Ritz may be available for purchase on platforms like eBay, vintage perfume stores, or online marketplaces specializing in discontinued fragrances. Alternatively, you could try contacting specialized perfume retailers or collectors who may have the fragrance in their inventory.

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Q: Where can you buy Revenescence by Charles of the Ritz?
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What is the closest facial creme to Charles of the ritz revenescence?

Charles of the Ritz Creme de Revenescence formula is being produced again by REJUVENESSENCE Products. It is fantastic! It is very rich, and it's the best cream I have ever used. It's not expensive either. Put "Charles of the Ritz Revenescence Creme" in the EBAY search box, and you will find it. Seller has awsome feedback.

What happen to the brand Charles of the Ritz Can you still buy any if the cosmetics?

Charles of the Ritz Revenescence Liquid face moisturizer has been recreated by Sherry Lane. Sherry has been using Revenescence since she was a teen and was devastated when they went out of business. She has recreated My Essence just like the original and an excellent product. Highly recommended. In fact it's better than the original because it's fresh and natural and new.

Is there an imitation for Charles of the Ritz Revanescence?

Beauty Rose answered this question, they state Ultima II makes a comparable product called CHR Lotin Concentrate with same ingredients and similar consistency. The price is $32.50. I purchased the Ultima II CHR Lotion and I don't find it comparable and similar in consistency. I have emailed Revlon and asked them to reproduce Revanescence. People are selling the product on EBAY for over $300 and the product is old. I found a fresh and new product that is similar to Revenesence Liquid. Go to It's even better! I've spent hundreds of dollars on eBay stocking up on Charles of the Ritz Revenescence and found that the product was old and somewhat harsh on my face. This new product has the same wonderful feeling and moisturizing that the original Revenesence Liquid did. Charles of the Ritz Revenescence Products have been duplicated under a different name. It is REJUVENESSEENCE, and it is only sold on EBAY. You have to look under 'Charles of the Ritz Revenescence" in the search box, and these products will come up. They make the liquid, the creme, the Perfumed body Lotion, and Perfumed Body Butter in Charles of the Ritz "Original" fragrance. Great products! Glad to have the chance to get them at a reasonable price. Seller has great feedback.

When did Charles Ritz die?

Charles Ritz died in 1976.

When was Charles of the Ritz created?

Charles of the Ritz was created in 1919.

What fragrance is the closest scent to original Charles of the ritz?

There's a perfume called Enjoli by Charles of the ritz but it's now sold under the revlon name, if that's any help? :) hi there i don't want to improve the answer as such! just add more info and im knew to the site so sorry if ive done it wrong. ritz, by Charles of the ritz is different to Charles or the ritz. is it def Charles of the ritz, and not ritz spray by Charles of the ritz? my fav perfume and what everyone used to say was 'my' smell was ritz spray. the only perfume ive ever smelt similar to this is estee by estee lauder. i realise there were two, Charles and the ritz by the same and ritz spray. however, you are better not getting one from the web to be fair now as one of the other answers says, perfume unfort. doesnt keep well and many will be tainted by now. why do they get rid of so many incredible perfumes?

Where can you find Charles of the ritz concealer?

Charles of the Ritz Concealer as well as other Charles of the Ritz Cosmetics can still be found at various online retailers. These retailers include Amazon, Beauty Encounter and BuyMeBeauty.

Im looking for ritz woman light pure perfume spray by Charles of the ritz and was the makers lanvin?

You can find many Ritz products including the fragrances on E-Bay. Make sure you check the sellers feedback and then you can buy with confidence.

What perfume has replaced Ritz or Charles of the Ritz Classic?

Revlon/Ultima discontinued Charles of the Ritz perfume line. Since I used Charles of the Ritz Classic for about 25 years and had hundreds of compliments over the years about what a nice fragrance it is, I no longer purchase any Revlon/Ultima products. Unless or until they bring back this perfume, I will never purchase any product made by this company.

Does Charles of the Ritz sell any kind of perfume at all?

i guess Charles of the Ritz used to sell perfume but I've been led to believe that they no longer do. Check out Ebay

Is Charles of the Ritz perfume still made?

no store has carried it latley but the last store to have it was jcpennys

What actors and actresses appeared in Wednesday Night at the Ritz - 1929?

The cast of Wednesday Night at the Ritz - 1929 includes: Charles Kemper as The Drunk Evalyn Knapp as Girl in Hotel Room