Where can you buy Phil Taylor darts?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There exists no darts that Phil Taylor created. Phil Taylor is a famous darts professional, and there are certain brands that advertise with his name. These Phil Taylor darts can be purchased on Amazon.

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Q: Where can you buy Phil Taylor darts?
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When was Phil Taylor - darts player - born?

Phil Taylor - darts player - was born on 1960-08-13.

Does Phil the power Taylor have a twin?

No Phil the Power Taylor does not have a twin. Phil Taylor is most known for being a darts player.

Weight of darts Phil Taylor uses?

They are 26 gram Unicorn darts.

Who is the richest darts player in the world?

Phil Taylor

What is the real name of the darts player The Power?

Phil Taylor

What is the real name of the darts player known as 'The Power'?

Phil Taylor

What is Phil Taylor's darts player street name and house number?

123 Fake Street

What was the song played for Phil Taylor during the darts grand slam?

The Power, by Snap! It is his walk on music.

Who makes the most money playing darts?

Phil Taylor is still at the top of the PDC Order of Merit.

How many times has Phil Taylor won the World Championship of Darts?

world championship 2 world masters 1 world darts trophy 1

How old is Phil Taylor?

UK darts champion Phil "The Power" Taylor is 56 years old (birthdate: August 13, 1960).Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor (drummer for Motorhead) was 61 years old when he died on November 11, 2015 (born September 21, 1954).

Who did Phil Taylor defeat in the final of the 2007 Premier League Darts Tournament?

Phil Taylor beat Terry Jenkins in the Premier League 2007. He won the match 16-6. For more information, visit