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One could purchase tickets for the puffing billy train on their website. You can also purchase tickets on a few travel websites as well. You can also find out information about the train on their website.

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Q: Where can one purchase tickets for puffing billy online?
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What distance does the train ride cover at puffing billy wineries tour?

For the puffing billy wineries what is the distance that the train ride covers?

Who built the puffing billy?

John Henry

Why the first successful steam engine was called the puffing billy?

The first successful steam engine was Watt's pumping engine. The first sucessful steam locomotive 'The Puffing Billy' was called such because the puffing sound it made going uphill (under load) reminded people of a puffing billy goat.

What exactly is the Puffing Billy?

Puffing Billy is Australia's oldest steam railway. It is in Belgrave, Victoria and still operates on a daily business. It does not operate on Christmas Day.

What are Puffing Billy and The Rocket?

They are both railway locomotives.

What was the first steam locomotive called?

The Puffing Billy.

Why was the first land steam engine called the Puffing Billy?

it was called the puffing billy basically because steam is produced from its was invented by Scotsman James in 1775.

Where can one get Billy Connolly tickets?

Billy Connolly tickets can be purchased from most major ticket distributors, such as Omni Tickets and Tix. It may also be available for purchase locally, in the theaters where it is being shown.

What does puffing billly mean?

The Puffing Billy was an early 19th century steam locomotive. This name has since been applied to other things, including a piece of music. For more information please see the puffing billy page on wikipedia.

Why and who named puffing billy?

Your mom, cuz the wanted a boyfriend!

What did Richard Trevithick do in 1804?

He built Puffing Billy, or was it Locomotion No 1 ?

Where does the Puffing Billy Railway run?

It runs to Belgrave in The Dandenongs. Isabella

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