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Depending on what sort of grappling hook you wanted there would be a big difference on where one would purchase one. 'Grappling hooks' describes many different tools. Grappling hooks could be either somewhere to hang a coat, a glove used whilst climbing and some are even used by the military.

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Q: Where can one purchase a grappling hook?
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Where is the grappling hook in Dizzywood?

hi im the COOEST_GAL_EVER on dizzywood the grappling hook is in tanglevine jungle.when you go on the air grate on one of the trees is the grappling hook click on it and you will have it.bye

How do you work the grappling hook in poptropica?

You go to your items and "click" use on the grappling hook

How do you get a grappling hook in assassins creed brotherhood?

A grappling hook is not available for use in AC:B.

How do you get the grappling hook in operation blackout?

today they are giving out the grappling hook for operation black out mission 2.

How do you throw the grappling hook?

To throw the grappling hook, first equip it in your inventory. Tap the grappling hook and drag it to where you want to throw it. It can catch onto pegs, orbs, and chests to pull you over.

Is there such thing as a grappling hook like batman?

Such a grappling hook does exist, but most of the hydraulic powered ones are much bigger and heavier than the gun type one Batman uses.

Where can a get a tightrope in Zelda?

You don't get it, you make it using the grappling hook. When there are two grappling targets,target one and while you are targeting one target another. When you let got and hook will grapple the first spot they the second one creating a tightrope.

Does mudflap have the grappling hook?

no, cause when you look closely to his hand when the twins are fighting devastator he's holding a hook that came from skids. so actually skids has a grappling hook not mudflap. and may i take your time to say that in HA skids has a gun, and mudflap has a grappling hook.

What do you do with the grappling hook on Cryptids Island?

After you get the grappling hook you should see a monster. Go outside and you should see it again. Then go under the tree and click on your items bag and click "use" on your grappling hook. Then climb up the rope and get the egg.

What are the stumps for in Zelda phantom hourglass for?

The stumps are for using the grappling hook once you get it. To use the grappling hook just attach it to the stump so you can walk between two stumps or just get pulled towards the stump. You can get grappling hook in temple of ice.

How do you use the grappling hook in club penguin mission 11?

to use the grappling hook click and hold down and he will start to swing and do the rest by himself

What tools starts with g?

I suppose there are many, but one tool that starts with G is a grappling hook