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There are a number of places to purchse flip covers for mobile phones online. Sites such as amazon, ebay, carphone warehouse, mobile fun and supaprice all have products for sale of this nature in a variety of styles and colours.

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Q: Where can one purchase a flip cover for their mobile phone?
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Where can one purchase some mobile flip phones?

Mobile flip phones can be purchased from many electronic stores and phone companies. Some examples include T-Mobile, Samsung, Boost Mobile, and Wirefly.

Where can one purchase a T Mobile flip phone?

T-Mobile sells a variety of phones, and some of their models are flip phones. A T-Mobile store, or authorized retailer, may be a good place to start. One can also purchase them online from T-Mobile themselves. Finally, one can also purchase unlocked flip phones for use on the T-Mobile network.

How can you get service for your mobile phone?

flip it upside for me

What kind of mobile phones can one purchase off of eBay?

You can purchase almost any mobile phone on eBay. There are Verizon flip phones, Samsung phones, Motorola, iPhones, and many, many more types of phones on eBay.

Which kind of car charger best suits a flip phone?

Any of the mobile chargers available at Target are excellent for a flip phone.

Can you buy a prepaid cell phone that is the flip style phone?

You can buy a prepaid cell phone that is flip style. Consider checking out T-Mobile Prepaid Samsung T139 Flip Phone or the Motorola W260 Prepaid Phone from Tracfone.

Which is the best flip mobile of 09?

best flip phone t-mobile sidekick lx 09 sidekick slide side kicks in general are the best

Where can one purchase an LG flip phone online?

One can purchase an LG flip phone online from Amazon where there are many available. One can also get them from eBay, Flipkart, Cells4u and from the LG online shop.

Do they have Phone cases for Samsung flip phones.?

Absolutely. I once had a Samsung flip phone which was a pretty durable phone on its own. I did purchase a case for it off of Ebay and it fit nicely and served its purpose.

What phone companies offer a Blackberry Flip?

"In the United States, the Verizon mobile company offers the Blackberry Flip. In Canada, Rogers and Telus both support the BLackberry Flip on their networks."

What was the first phone game?

The first mobile phone game was Introduced in 1994. And The Game Was Tetris.

What type of phone does Orlando Bloom own?

It's hard to say. In some pictures he has a flip phone in others it looks like an I-Phone or blackberry style. In one picture his flip phone may have been T-Mobile. Again hard to say.