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TripAdvisor is a good online source for all travel needs. They have a list of serviced apartments available for rent in various places around the world. These accommodations can actually be cheaper than regular hotel rooms of the same quality.

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Q: Where can one find serviced accommodation?
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Where can one find serviced apartments in Bristol?

The best place to find serviced apartments in Bristol is on the Visit Bristol website under Accommodation. Another good place is on Booking a website devoted to finding places to stay.

What the definition of 'Serviced Accommodation'?

Means that meals are on the offer and your will be cleaned for you.

What is 'non-serviced accommodation'?

This is accomodation that does not include extra services or meals

Where can one find serviced apartments in Seattle?

One can find serviced apartments in Seattle from the company called Seattle Serviced Apartments. This company can set a customer up with housing for any length of stay.

What is a serviced accommodation?

Serviced accommodation means when tourists have a place to stay when they are travelling. Services included are room cleaning, restaurant, tourist information, privacy in our room and safety/protection of your belongings. The types of accommodations are hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts or caravans.

Where can one find Burleigh Heads accommodation?

One can easily find Burleigh Heads accommodations on Travolocity website. Travolocity can help one easily search, and find the right accommodation at a reasonable price.

Where can one find Broadbeach accommodation?

One can find Broadbeach accommodation online on many different websites like: BreakFree, lastminute or tripadvisor. This just depends on the specific aspects one is looking for when travelling.

Where can one find budget accommodation in Munich?

There are plenty of places in order for one to find out budget accommodation in Munich. However, it is strongly suggested that one should check out from the main website of the hotel where one is going to stay.

Where can one find serviced offices in Dublin?

There are a wide range of sites that offer listings for serviced offices in the Dublin area. One can access these listings on sites such as Bespoke Serviced Offices, Hamilton House and Instant Offices.

Where can one find a cheap accommodation in Cinque Terre Italy?

One can find cheap accommodation in Cinque Terre, Italy by checking local newspaper, bulletin, magazine, and brochure ads. Often, one can find useful advice through these mediums.

Where can one find serviced office space in London?

On the website mwbex one can find all available serviced office space in London. It is a popular and well-known website used by many all over the world.

Where can one find directions to the accommodation at Coolum?

As long as you know the name of your accommodation, you should have no problem finding directions. A lot of places offer transfers to and from your destination, all you have to do is ask the accommodation provider!