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One can purchase a phone that can be used for international travel through various methods, either directly from the phone company itself, or by using a phone that they already have in their possession.

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Q: Where can one find phones for international travel?
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International cell phones are the type of cell phones for people who often travel to different countries. You might need one of these international cell phones if you're looking to cut costs or even hassle. It might be a hassle to have to carry around more than one cell phone. By purchasing an international cell phone, the plans might be a little expensive but the organization is much easier to deal with. Most international cell phones are SIM card oriented, so if you're switching to an international cell phone from a regular cell phone you may be able to transfer all of your information with very little problems. SIM cards also make it easier to transfer your information from one international cell phone to another, in case something happens to one.

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