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There are a number of websites where you can find information about zero percent balance transfer credit cards including Nerd Wallet, Cash Money Life, My Money Blog and Wisebread.

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Q: Where can one find more information about zero percent balance transfer credit cards?
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Where can one apply for a zero percent balance transfer credit card?

One can apply for a zero percent balance transfer credit card on websites like Money Supermarket, Balance Transfer Credit Cards, Moneyning or Wise Bread.

What are the benefits of low credit card balance transfers?

Take advantage of low credit card balance rates. For example, why pay 24 percent on three separate credit cards when you could pay 15 percent interest on one card? Credit card issuers typically charge a balance transfer fee. This is typically around 3 to 5 percent of the balance you transfer.

How would one define a credit card balance transfer?

A credit card balance transfer means one can transfer the balance of one credit card into another. One can transfer either all the funds or only a portion. For further information, one can contact the credit card company.

Where can one find information on zero balance transfer?

MoneySavingExpert is a website with lots of information about zero balance transfer. They also have plenty of information on everything relating to credit cards.

Where can one check credit card lifetime balance transfer?

One can check credit card lifetime balance transfer by visiting the Money website. This website has comprehensive information about everything to do with money. It lists the 'Top 10 Life of Balance Transfer Credit Cards'.

What is the best way to do a credit card balance transfer?

Before you transfer your balance, read the fine print on your credit card agreement. Some agreements charge fees for balance transfers. After you have read the agreement and understand the possible charges you may face, gather all the necessary information about the card you want to transfer the balance from, call (or perhaps go online) the credit card company you wish to transfer your balance to, give them all the necessary information, and transfer your balance.

What does chase balance transfer stand for?

A balance transfer is the transfer of balance in an account or a credit card to another account.It also refers to transfer of outstanding balance from one credit card to another credit card.

Where can one find a listing of credit cards that offer zero percent balance transfer fees?

There are currently no credit card that offers zero percent balance transfer fees. However, there are many that is usually 5% and the compiled list can be found on Nerd Wallet.

What is a balance transfer?

A balance transfer is when you have money in one bank and transfer that money to another bank. It is also when you have a balance on one credit card and transfer the balance to another credit card.

Can you transfer a spouse's credit balance to credit card?

Yes, you can transfer any balance you want to your credit card. Note if you transfer the balance to your credit card, you are now liable for the full debt and not him unless he is an authorized user on the credit card.

What is the best credit card for balance transfer?

There are many good credit cards for balance transfer. For example, Visa credit card provides a good balance transfer service. American Express credit card does too.

Where can one obtain a 0 percent balance transfer?

One can obtain a 0 percent balance transfer through several different companies. Some of these include: Credit Cards Canada, Discover, CIBC, and TD Canada Trust.