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One can find more information about standing stair lifts on many websites. These websites include Disabled-World, Stairlifts Blog, AmeriGlide, Silver Cross, Hoveround, StairliftsForSeniors, and more.

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Q: Where can one find more information about standing stair lifts?
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Where can one find information on lifts stairs?

You can find information on stair lifts by contacting a company that specializes in stair lifts and asking them questions directly. You can also find a company that installs stair lifts near you and visit their website to find detailed information on things such as the cost, installation process and how it works.

Where can I find more information about used stair lifts?

Several websites have information on stair lifts: or or should be helpful.

Where can I find information on disabled chair lifts?

You can find out more information on stair lifts at several sites. These sites include, and

Where can i look to find a stair chair lift?

These websites - and - offer a range of stair chair lifts at an affordable cost.

I am wanting to have a stair lift installed in my home and would like to know where I can find comparisons of Brands of stair lifts?

You can get information here:

Who sells Ameriglide stair lifts?

Ameriglide stair lifts are most often purchased directly from the manufacturer, however other medical home help websites such as US Medical Supplies and Medical Supplies also sell the stair lifts. If you're located in Canada or the US Silver Cross Stair Lifts offers multiple brands of stair lifts. You can easily find them on Google.

Where can I find reviews for chair stair lifts?

You can go to the following website to find a lot of reviews on different chair stair lifts to make your residents feel safer

Where can I purchase a used stair lift?

Many websites online offer used stair lifts. You could try to win one at ebay or purchase a used one through Amazon. I was also able to find a website that specialized solely in used stair lifts:

Where can I find good a stair lift for a day care center?

A place called have stair lifts which are very affordable. They also have different types to choose from like straight or curved.

Where can I find more information on stair glide?

Stair glides, also called stair lifts, are becoming more and more popular with our aging population and the loss of mobility suffered by older people. The lift you will need will of course depend on the type and staircase you have. A good place to start, to get an overview of the variables and what's available, would be:

How can I find out of my walls are sturdy enough to support stair elevators for wheelchairs?

If you go to most company sites that make wheelchair lifts, you'll find specifications and/or contact information to answer your questions. That's a link to a site with a pretty wide variety of styles of lifts for you. They also have very accessible customer service.

Who sells affordable, top-quality wheelchair stair lifts in the Northwest?

There are several locations that sell wheel chair stairlifts. You can use a search engine to find the nearest wheelchair stair lift provider in your area.