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There are more VPS providers where they might offer only the package that they have set it to default. From that default package you can't choose the correct package that you need because if you search for the storage there might be RAM which does not meet your requirements. To overcome this issue Oryon Networks has brought the solution to provide the servers with user's specifications. You can contact them via email, livechat or whatsApp chat and request them your specifications of your server. They will provide you the server with the specifications you requested.

Also, there will be more offers for the unmanaged VPS servers with Oryon. They have data centres in multiple regions so there will be 99.99% of uptime for your servers. Every week they will perform the server maintenance to check the updates of the security software. If there is any update for your server, you will get informed by them and scheduled to perform the security maintenance. Once maintenance has completed you will be informed via email or WhatsApp.

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One can find information about hosting a managed web server at a website called Wikipedia. At this website under the topic called "Dedicated Hosting Service" one can find information about hosting managed web servers.

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Q: Where can one find information about hosting a managed web server?
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