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TextMe is an app that allows free SMS texting from any device. The app is available online at iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone, and the TextMe website.

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Q: Where can one download the app 'Text Me'?
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Where do you have to be to text on your iPod?

You need to download a texting app from the app store (you can find them by searching 'text' or something similar) and download one. I recommend looking for a free one. After you download it, and set it up (this is done in the app), all you need is wi-fi to be able to text. However, if you have iOS 5 then it comes with the ipod.

How do you text using Kindle Fire?

download the text+ app

Does the app text now for iphone 4 let you text for free?

Yes you can text on the ipod touch 4. You need wifi and you have to download the app "Textnow" and you can text

How do you text from a iPad?

You can download the text app from the app store on your Ipad. All Ipads already have the app store installed when you buy it. It should be on the first page. ;)

How do you get free text with your itouch?

just go to app store and type in free text and then there will be an app where it says freetext and you just download it.

How do i download the text to speech app on my phone ?

You can download the text to speech app, called iSpeech, off of iTunes. It works on both iPhones and iPads. You can read the reviews of the app on the iSpeech page on iTunes before you purchase it.

How do you text on an iPod?

Go onto the app store and search for a texting app. Find one you like and you can download that. There are many free ones that can stay free, although you can register on some for a fee. I recommend checking that before you download the app to find one that's free. I know of one called TextFree but you have to send a text on the app at least once a month to keep your number (you can pick from a few different phone numbers when you first download the app, and that's like the phone number you text from). There are other apps that i know of for free, but sometimes there is a limit. This will usually be listed in the description of the app.

How do you text on a Kindle Fire?

On a Kindle Fire, the closest you can get to texting is through AIM, which you will need an email account for. download the app text+

How does an iPod touch text other iPod?

download app text now and the person u want to text.

Where can one download the Penultimate app for iPad?

One can download this app by visiting the App Store on the iPad. Alternatively, one can also download the app through iTunes and transfer to their iPad.

Can you download text on a LG phone?

If it's a feature phone, then no. You can download text to a smartphone using an app. Not sure if linking is allowed, but Google "Save text android".

Where can one download a free text messaging app?

Free text messaging apps are available in the Apple App Store for IOS devices such as the Iphone and Ipod Touch. For Android phones, these can be found in the Android Market.