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Equifax credit reports are available directly from the Equifax website, via the link "Get my free annual credit report." It is also possible to purchase a tri-merge credit report from Equifax or other bureaus; this report consolidates data from multiple credit reports (including Equifax's).

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Q: Where can one check his Equifax credit reports?
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How accurate are equifax credit reports?

Equifax credit reports are generally regarded as being very accurate. Equifax is one of the three biggest, respected, and well recognized American credit agencies.

Where can one get all 3 credit reports at once?

It is possible to obtain all 3 credit reports at once through Equifax. Your three credit bureau reports will include reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Where can one check his equifax credit score?

There are lots of places online where one can check their credit score. However, to specifically check one's Equifax credit score, that person would have to visit the Equifax website.

Where can one get free credit reports?

There are many different websites like Transunion and Equifax that offers free credit reports. There are also other websites that are not as well-known that also claim to offer free credit reports, but one wants to be very careful when handling information to companies that do credit reports, so check out the ones that are well-known and have a good reputation.

Are the three credit reports reliable and trustworthy?

The three credit reports are reliable and trustworthy. They are experian, transunion, and equifax. As long as you monitor your reports to make sure no one steals your identity, they are reliable.

Which companies offer instant credit reports?

There are several online companies that offer instant credit reports. You are entitled to one free credit report every year, you can use Equifax for this service.

Is TransUnion the only major credit reporting agency?

TransUnion is one of three companies that offers credit reports. Equifax and Experian are also two agencies that specialize in credit reports and scores.

Can you trust econsumer equifax with your money?

You do not give Econsumer Equifax any money, they are a credit reporting company. They are one of three that lenders and other people check when they check your credit history.

How can one get free credit reports?

One can receive a free credit report under certain circumstances such as a denied application for credit or if one is unemployed or on welfare. These credit reports are offered through three major reporting agencies which are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

How does one find credit bureau reports?

There are companies that are dedicated to providing credit reports for one to view. These companies will vary from country to country, but in Canada one of the best known company for obtaining a copy of ones credit report is Equifax.

Where can one get a free equafax report?

A free Equifax report can be obtained through the Equifax site as well as Free Credit Report. Most free Equifax credit reports require a subscription of $19.95 per month credit monitoring and reporting. However, that can be canceled after receiving the report.

Where can one check their Equifax credit?

One is able to check their credit score on the Equifax website or any website of their provider, one is also able to calculate their credit score manually however this option is usually avoided in favor of using an online "calculator" to discover your score.