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They are available from Numrich thru their website (gunpartscorp) look under Savage- they own the Springfield brand.

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Q: Where can find a magazine for a bolt action springfield 22 caliber rifle model 234?
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Where can you get a magazine for a 22 caliber Sears Model 2200 bolt action?

We have them.

Can you fire a Springfield 40 caliber with the bolt charged and the clip out of the gun?

We need to know the model. Some have a magazine safety, some do not.

What is the value of a Savage Arms springfield model 120 22 bolt action rifle?

A Springfield model 120 22 caliber bolt action rifle can be worth 100$-250$ depending on the year it was made and the condition it is in.

What caliber is a springfield model 1903 serial 1467068?

The Springfield model 1903 was a 30.06, using the M1906 cartridge

Where can you get a magazine for a 22 caliber Savage Model 65 bolt action?

Numrich Arms in upstate NY

How many bullets can a lever action rifle hold?

Depends on the model, barrel length, caliber and magazine.

Where can you get a new magazine clip for a 22 caliber Marlin Model 80 G bolt action?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp.should be able to supply you with the magazine in question.

What is a model 25 22 caliber?

Model indicates a particular design by a particular maker. In the case of the Marlin/Glenfield Model 25 rifle, it is a bolt action rifle in caliber .22 Long Rifle. It has a 7 shot box type magazine. The Model 25M is in caliber .22 Magnum

What is value of a springfield trp model 1911 45 caliber?


What is the age of a springfield savage 22 caliber model 1875?


What caliber was the Springfield rifle in the civil war?

The Springfield rifled Musket, Model 1855 had a caliber of 0.58-inch and was a single shot, muzzle-loading weapon.

What is the value of a model 840 22 caliber stephens springfield rifle?

The Stephens Springfield 22 caliber model 840 rifle is values at $250 in fair condition. In good condition, it is valued at $400.