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Drug abusers can go to rehab or a treatment center. Teens can go to juvenile detention.

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Q: Where can drug abusers go to get help?
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What organization help drug abusers?

NA (narcotics anonymous) and AA (alcoholics anonymous).

Where can you talk with people living with drug abusers?


Who is patron saint of drug addicts?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is the patron saint of drug abusers and against drug adiction.

What does oxycontin do to the brain?

well from what I looked up it says '' Tolerance to oxycodone builds up quickly. This means that users, whether real patients or drug abusers, soon need more of the drug to have the outcome they are used to having. For a patient with real pain, the doctor can increase the prescription as needed to meet the pain needs. If the source of the pain is cured, the doctor will help the patient gradually decrease the amount of the drug he or she takes, to avoid painful physical withdrawal symptoms. Oxycodone abusers also experience rapidly increasing tolerance, but no doctor is overseeing the amount of the drug they take. As a result, drug abusers increase the amount of the drug they take to deadly levels. Soon, there is practically no amount of the drug they can take that will produce the euphoria they had been used to. Oxycodone abusers, like other drug abusers, find themselves taking large amounts of the drug only to avoid the painful withdrawal symptoms, not to feel pleasure.''

Why do some people think marijuana is consider a gateway drug?

Because many drug abusers began with marijuana.

Is Depakote an easily abused and addicted drug?

No, depakote is not addictive and produces no effects that would make it attractive to drug abusers.

Which is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug free lives?

Therapeutic Community

Which is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to a drug free lives?

Therapeutic Community

Where can someone go to if they know somebody with a drug addiction?

You can go to a doctor who can help you, and you can go to a parent or guardian to help you.

How can you help abused kids?

Call the police and get the abusers arrested.

How many sexual abusers were abused themselves?

There is no known statistics on how many sexual abusers were abused themselves. It is important to keep in mind that not every person that was abused will go on to be abusers.

How long do child abusers go to jail for?

in the state of Oklahoma chil abusers can receive up to life without parole.

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