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Q: Where can an eleven year old girl date a thirteen year old boy?
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Shoud i let my eleven year old girl go out on a date unsupervised?

No. An eleven year old girl should only go out with groups of friends.

Can a seventeen year old boy date an eleven year old girl?

No a seventeen year old can not date a eleven year old. The reason why is because their is a very big age difference and that would be aganst that law

Would Justin Bieber go on a date with an eleven year old girl?


Would Cameron Boyce date a eleven year old?

An eleven year old is too young to date.

What year do you have to be thirteen?

You have to be thirteen exactly thirteen years from your birth date for exactly one year. The year (or years, if you pass December) it is when are thirteen depends on the date of your birthday. I was born 11/01/1970 and was thirteen in 1983 and 1984.

Is it illegal for a thirteen year old girl to date a seventeen year old boy in Huntsville?

Only if your parents say so.

Would he ever date a thirteen year old girl from Nebraska?

Anyone between 12 +15 would

How do you tell he is the one if you are eleven years old and he is thirteen?

trust me, he is NOT the one! you're eleven, and he's thirteen? I just turned fourteen and I wouldn't even look at an eleven/twelve year old! forget him girl, cause he will not love you and he will want things out of you that you cant give him! and he is definitely not 'the one' you have been on this earth for eleven years and to be quite honest its pretty stupid that you think he could be the one. 11 year old's should be playing with their dolls and testing out little girl make up, not into boys.

Can a thirteen year old girl date and eighteen year old guy or is it illegal?

Of course it is, it's called molestation and sexual abuse.

Is it ok for a thirteen year old girl to have a thirteen year old boyfriend?

Of course.

What are some good websites for an eleven year old girl?

a good website for an eleven year old girl is

Is it wrong for a 16 year old boy to date an eleven year old girl?

YES , what type of attraction do you get from an 11 year old girl? She's not even a teenager yet , it's okay to date younger girls but that is too young.