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I need to refinish my hardwood floors. Where can I find a guide for refinishing hardwood floors?

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Q: Where can a guide for refinishing hardwood floors be found?
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Where can one find a guide to refinish hardwood floors?

One can find a guide to refinish hardwood floors online at various websites. One can find a guide to refinish hardwood floors online at Redbeacon and This Old House.

What has the author David Schansberg written?

David Schansberg has written: 'Homeowner's Guide to floors and floorcoverings' -- subject(s): Floor coverings, Floors 'Homeowner's Guide to Wood Refinishing'

Is there a book on hardwood floor installation?

I just bought a haunted house and need to redo the floors. Is there a guide to hardwood floor installation?

How do you install hardwood floors by yourself?

Installing hardwood floors sounds like a difficult task, but there are resources available to guide you through the process. Using websites such as, or, can provide you with valuable information so you can complete the project.

Where can I find a tutorial on refinishing wooden furniture?

A tutorial on refinishing wooden furniture can be found online at Do It Yourself's website, including a five step guide. Lowes is also a good website containing refinishing wooden furniture tutorials.

Which books offer advice on refinishing bathtubs?

Home Depot's 1-2-3 guide book offers advice on refinishing bathtubs.

Do it yourself guide on bathtub refinishing.?

You can get information on bathtub refinishing at many places online. You should try or

What are some tips for refinishing a desk with hutch for my home office?

The following website offers a comprehensive list of what is required to refinish a desk,

Where do I find more information on wood refinishing?

Local businesses such as Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and even Sears offers great amount of information with skilled representatives that can easily guide you through the techniques and tools needed for wood refinishing.

What has the author Alfred Higgins written?

Alfred Higgins has written: 'Common-sense guide to refinishing antiques' -- subject(s): Furniture finishing

How do you install finished hardwood oak floor?

See attached link for an easy how to install wood flooring guide.

Is hardwood stair expensive?

The average costing for real hardwood stairs made to measure is $150.00 per step. This is a generic guide only as it will require a measure up, installation plan and "make good" work