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The master cleanse diet is a form of fasting, where you consume large amounts of juice. More information on the Master Cleanse Diet can be found on the Wikipedia website.

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Q: Where can I find info on master cleanse diet online?
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Where can I find more information on master cleanse diet?

There are many sites out there that have info on it but not all the information is 100% correct. If you want real information on it check out the master cleanse diet website.

Where can I find out more about lemonade cleansing diet?

The lemonade cleansing diet is an extreme diet plan that has been around under various names for many years. It purports to cleanse your body of toxins, helping you to look younger and lose weight. A great source to start your search on this diet plan is You can also go straight to the source at, where you will learn what the plan entails and how you can get your own master cleanse started.

Where can one find a cleanse detox diet to follow?

One can find a cleanse detox diet on various websites like health usnews and doctoroz. One could also go to a local doctor and ask him for any information about following a cleanse detox diet.

How can you lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time?

you can go on the master cleanse diet, I lost 30lb in 40 days. but its hard and takes a lot of willpower, and you're likely to put the weight back on soon afterwards. google 'master cleanse' and you'll find out more, or you can buy the book.

Is the Lemonade diet a cleansing diet?

The Lemonade Diet is a starvation diet where you are expected to live on a lemon and water solution, with a bit of sweetener for 1-2 weeks. You are not allowed solid foods at all. I think this is another fad diet for people who want a quick weight loss fix. While you will find plenty of online sites touting the benefits, medical sites do not support it:

Where can I find more information about colon cleanse diet?

Some people think colon cleansing is just another fad and some people swear by it. The diet consists of mostly raw fruits and vegetables. You can find out more about the colon cleanse diet at this site:

What is the liver diet and how does it work?

The liver diet is to cleanse your liver and body, keeping it healthy. It works in 3 stages (prepare,buy, and cleanse) You can find out more information at

Where can I find more information on juice diet?

Juice diet is based mostly on raw produce to cleanse your body. For more information you can check to find recipes that follow this diet.

Where can I find more information on super cleanse?

The best place to get information on super cleanse is to go to This site has statistics and so much more for this diet and will explain how it can beneficial to you.

How can I find information about cleanse diet?

I have been interested in this as well. and are two websites that can help you learn about the best way to go on a cleanse diet, especially if you have never done this before. I hope this helps.

Where can I find out more about lemon water diet plan?

The lemon water diet also known as Master Cleanse Diet is a well known diet choice. There are several sites dedicated to giving you information about it . Some such sites are included here : , which will give you a full break down of the diet plan.

How can you find free diet for woman reviews online?

You can easily find free diet information and reviews for woman online at BestDietForMe. There are also diet recipes for you to pick from for your diet choice.