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Used test equipment can be purchased easily online. There's plenty of websites which offer a variety of used test equipment such as "Test Equipment Depot"

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Q: Where can I buy some used test equipment?
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Where can one buy used electronic test equipment in the US?

The best place to find a wide variety of used electronic test equipment in the US is on the internet. Some companies that sell this type of equipment include Electrorent, Metric Test, and Recon Test.

Is used exercise equipment reliable?

If you are going to buy sued exercise equipment, just make sure it does still work and have a test on it before you buy.

Where can one buy used farm equipment?

You can buy used farm equipment many places. There are farm shows where some used equipment is for sale. You can check craigslist or your local newspaper.

How much does sporting equipment cost?

The price of sporting equipment can vary. Depending on where you buy it and whether or not you buy it used can save you some money.

Where is the best online source to buy used heavy equipment? They are the best source for buying and selling new and used heavy equipment. They are a classified ads website, but you can find some good stuff there. You can sell your own equipment, new or used. The equipment you can find or buy can be farm equipment, construction equipment, forrestry equipment, mining equipment, lawn care equipment, equipment trailers...

Used Farm Equipment?

form_title= Used Farm Equipment form_header= Buy used farm equipment and save money. What equipment do you want to buy?*= _ [50] What is your maximum budget?*= _ [50] Are you replacing old equipment?*= () Yes () No

Where can one purchase test tubes?

You can purchase test tubes from a science equipment magazine. They will be available in any good stores. Also you can go onto eBay to buy some test tubes.

Where can one purchase electronic testing equipments?

One can purchase electronic testing equipment online at Test Equipment Depot, Amtronix and Grainger. One can also buy used electronic testing equipment from Sphere in Canada.

Can I buy used cardio equipment?

Of course you can, in Classified news ads, but some might be well used and on their last leg.

Where in Africa can I buy some used ultrasound medical equipment?

For used ultrasound equipment you can go to They say that their machines are up to 60% off retail prices.

Is it a good idea to purchase used fitness equipment or should I just buy new?

Used fitness equipment can sometimes be found in good enough condition that it is worth it to buy for a cheaper price. Buying new equipment is nice because you are the first to use it, but if it serves just as well as u piece of pre-owned equipment then you might as well save some money and buy used.

Where can I buy a new or used home gym?

There are many places to buy new or used home gym equipment. New equipment can be found at Sears and Sports Authority. Used equipment can be found on eBay and Craigslist.