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Fingertip oximeters are available at all good pharmacies, also available at all good online retailers dealing within the pharmaceutical business, available on Amazon and Ebay.

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Q: Where can I buy a fingertip oximeter?
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Where can one buy a finger pulse oximeter?

A fingertip pulse oximeter is available at stores that specialize in medical equipment and supplies. One can also purchase this device online at Walmart, Amazon, Grainger, Walgreens and Amperodirect.

How much does a handheld pulse oximeter cost, and what features should I look for when making the purchase?

When looking to buy a handheld pulse oximeter you should expect to pay about 200 dollars. When looking to buy these meters you should make sure it is an active meter.

Which is better, a finger pulse oximeter or a handheld pulse oximeter?

I would say the Pulse Oximeter is the better than the Handheld Pulse oximeter becasue Pulse Oximeter - Turner Medical specializes in providing our customers with high-quality, low-cost pulse oximeter from the most trusted manufacturers. Also the Pulse oximeter coast you abound $90 while the handheld pulse oximeter will coast you aroung $289

What is the cost for a Nonin Pulse Oximeter?

The price of Nonin Pulse Oximeter vary depending on which one you'll get. They range from normal Pulse Oximeter, to handheld Oximeter. The prices ranges from $69-$500.

Is fingertip one word or two?

"Fingertip" is one word.

How do you use a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter measures the oxygenation of patient's hemoglobin. To use a pulse oximeter you simply put the sensor on your index finger.

What is included in the term fingertip injuries?

Fingertip trauma covers cuts, accumulation of blood (hematoma), bone breakage, or amputation in the fingertip.

What is word to use to definite distance from outstretched fingertip to fingertip?


What is a pulse oximeter or what does it measure?

An oximeter is a device to measure the oxygen saturation level in blood. I believe that a "pulse" oximeter has a sensor to measure pulse as well, though it wouldn't surprise me if some devices not having such a sensor but otherwise looking and working like a pulse oximeter were casually called that too.

Can you get a pulse oximeter on

You can purchase a pulse oximeter on They offer many different options at different price points.

What is a Nonin oximeter used for?

Oximeter is usually used to monitor patient's pulse, Nonin Medical was the first company in the world to present and produce the bluetooth oximeter which is attached to a patient's finger and then his pulse can be monitored wireless from distance.

Why cerebral oximeter normal value is much less than pulse oximeter?

cerebral oxygen saturation are weighted venous samples (70% venous, 30% arterial) Pulse oximeter values are based on arterial oxygen saturations.