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Antuan Curry now goes by the name Robert Curry and is a member of the R & B Group "Day 26" from Making the Band 4. Ray Ray goes by Rashad Morgan and was signed with T.I record label Grand Hustle. Shorty Red has a promising career in acting and has appeared in movies such as Hurricane, Precious, He Got Game starring Denzel Washington. DJ Jus has appeared on Tigga in the basement on BET and Deejays for artist such as Drake, BowWow, B2K. The mascot MC Glen is also a DJ and is working a solo rap project. Others have appeared in movies such as Disappearing Acts with Sanaa Lathun and Westly Snipes and Prison Song starring Mary J Blige and Q-Tip.

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Q: Where are the members of biv 10 pee-wee all-stars?
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